Pathfinder, 8/13

“What’s the mule named?”

“Freaks… oddities…”
“I do my best not to look at [the oracle].”

“Lydia, in particular, tends to scare people away.”
“He looks over at a seven-foot tall bearded woman milling around.”

“But where are my manners?”

“Oh, god, Bryan, you’re bribing him with carnies.”

“I’ve got two options, and the other one is to admit it was me and surrender.”

“Crocodiles aren’t known for living in trees…”

“Bravo.  You just pimp-slapped a manticore.”

“Okay… just don’t hurt me.  You’re tiny, violent people… I don’t want to be on your bad side…”

“He’s also a bumpkin.  I don’t believe he understands the concept of seven feet tall if it was jumping up and down on his nuts.”

“Because I happen to have a pocketful of knives, and I’m at crotch level?”

“It’s all right.  We still count as sir, even at this height.”

“Now, you’ve got a healer’s kit and I’ve got a healing potion.  I’ve been looking for this guy for 4 hours, and I’ve got sixteen more scalpels in my bag.”

“It was a reverse mugging.  I stabbed him and gave him money.”


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  • Kacey3

    Crocodiles may not be known for living in trees, but the same cannot be said of the infamous arboreal centaur.