Star Wars, 9/9

“Team handball is like upside down soccer.”

“Do any of you play X-Wing?”
“No, but I played its predecessor, W-Wing.”

“Two hundred thousand in negotiable galactic currency?”

“He was asking me about everybody’s hoo-ha too, but I didn’t know.”

“It’s not like my dice are ever trustworthy, but I don’t trust digital dice even more.”

“We’re going to have to make a short pit stop. We’re running out of… carborator.”

“We’re gonna need more shadows on this ship!”

“You should have topped up the darker fluid.”
“I did! The Wookiee drinks it all up!”

“I have plenty of lighter fluid, but not enough darker fluid.”

“You know what bothers me about Sa Nallior – the name of the ship?”
“The fact that nobody can say it the same way twice?”

“So you want to negotiate for a higher reward for a mythical ship that doesn’t exist?”

“Can we have a little more money for everyone but him?”

“I want you to know, Darryl, that this is not me. I’m being serious!”

“There’s no such thing as darkest fluid.”
“Darkest fluid is too powerful. It would overload the ship’s sensors.”

“As a diplomat, I’m starting to understand why his assignment is OUR ship.”

“So as long as we find nothing, we still get paid. I just want to confirm that.”

“Now we have to go buy mines?”
“Who says we have to buy them?”

“Consider it the super truck stop in space.”
“Great. I’m going to buy some Turtle Wax and a hat.”

“Rodian, would you be able to describe that Rodian that ran away? The first one.”

“Okay, you avoid the Wookiee in the loo.”

“Oh, I figured this was like Starbucks. There’s one one on every corner, and this is the Wheel.”

“I’m going to have to interrogate everyone in the bar…”

“He does know there are two of us, right?”
“I know there are two of you. I don’t know which one is which, but I know there are two of you.”

“You have the instructions and codes for bypassing Imperial inspections on Raxis Prime. Thank you, BitTorrent.”

“I was really hoping you weren’t being sarcastic. Really, really hoping.”

“All I know is, when I open my bar on the Wheel, I’m going to call it the Screaming Wookiee.”

“Did you want to leave a grenade in the terminal, just to cover your tracks?”

“Would you like to take one of the tough people?”
“Shit, I’m a squishie. Yeah.”

“I had an Aliens moment in my head.”
“No, it’s more of a nesting doll situation…”

“Far be it from me to disobey orders from an official machine. Does this official machine have any useful parts…?”

“I think Bryan’s latching onto the wrong detail…”

“Ramming speed!”

“This is like Shopping Cart Wars.”

“Oh, I thought you were going to try to bodyslam him.”
“No, I don’t do that anymore.”

“It’s got Hal’s parts on them.”
“Yes, but I want them more.”

“He’s not bad; he’s just a kleptomaniac.”

“What I hear is that he’s a space Tinker Gnome.”

“This stupid pile of crap will be mine.”
“That is not a selling point for me.”

“You know what? It’s now the Sa Nalor, because fuck this bullshit.”

“Is it safe for us to jump to hyperspace if the system is shutting down?”
“No. That is what we in the Imperial Navy call a LIE.”

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