Star Wars, 10/14

“We’re going to have a ballistic Rodian?”
“No, I’d say it’s more an ablative Rodian.”

“As far as I know, you’re the only one at this table with actual business to attend to.”
“Hey, these chicken wings aren’t gonna eat themselves.”

“I was told to be ready to move in six days. That was three weeks ago.”
“Well, they didn’t say six days sequentially…”

“That’s it. Everybody’s getting a perforation.”

“This is what I was built to do! They thought I was crazy when I showed up with a riot shield.”

“You said I would be safe behind you!”
“No, I just said stand behind me!”

“I mean, I could give it to Hawver and see what calligraphic fish look like.”

“It’s Star Trek, so you can replicate all the tarps and custard you want.”

“I am not a woods-wise Wookiee!”
“How did that happen?”

“I can discourage you. Would that help?”

“I can discourage the door! ‘You are an ineffective door!'”

“Just so you know, if anyone lights a fire, I’m going to pump all the air out of that section of the ship.”

“Could we put him in storage closet 4 instead of cargo bay 4?”

“I understand; I just think he’s tainting too big a section of the ship…”

“I like that he refers to Rodians the same way I do.”

“…Considering it’s a short-range ability.”
“Well, the microphone is about three inches from your mouth.”

“We had two Rodians on our ship once. Then we called the exterminator.”

“That’s not actually a gun, but I like what you’ve done with it anyway.”

“We are so superior to you, we use our scanners as weapons against you TO SAVE ON AMMUNITION!”

“All the lights dim.”
“It wasn’t me!”

“You just kinda strap on Rodians until it solves the problem.”

“And thank you for reading that description, because I had completely forgotten the word ‘ventral’. It no longer existed in the English language for me.”

“Ooo! Demand their surrender! It might just work.”
“Please, stop. Before you damage yourself and your ship further.”

“Yes, I move the shields.”
“Yes. Move the Rodians.”

“But can you imagine the argument that’s going on over their comms right now?”

“This is Texas. I only know one ‘howda’.”

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