Star Wars, 11/4

“It’s going to be wall-to-wall Alderaani in here…”

“Oh, I think we fucked around and got almost nothing done that second session.”
“Oh… yeah, that sounds like us.”

“Is this piece of tape structural?”
“Assume everything is structural.”

“I would just like to point out that the Luck has perfect camoflague on this planet. We just land, and we’re indistinguishable from the rest of the garbage…”

“Hey! Heyheyhey, that’s structural grime!”

“If anybody would like to buy anything legal on this planet, we can do that…”

“No, his ability to just pull things out does not change because he can buy things better.”

“A limb is worth 2000 credits, no matter what. By the way, do you need a lung?”

“It’s kind of like a strobe – like one of those creepy Japanese films. Every time the door goes down, the Wookiee is a little bit closer…”

“So we rendered him unable to damage… himself… and put him in the closet.”

“Evidently pilots aren’t allowed to plan ahead.”

“Where’s the nearest beer and hooker dispensary?”

“That’s what it says – I ‘know somebody.’ So apparently there’s, like, a gerbil in there…”

“Radioactive redneck arboreal octopi?”
“Are they teenage? I feel like there should be a ‘teenage’ in there by now.”

“It kinda smells like banana bread, only without the banana.”
“So… bread?”

“So do we want to debate how this guy is going to screw us over?”
“Not in front of him!”

“Speaking of electricity…”
“Force lightning? Do I finally get force lightning?”
“…In a way…”

“As we’re decidedly low on Rodians, can I use him as ablative shielding?”

“Kevin, I don’t know why you continue to roll dice when you know it doesn’t work.”

“It’s a perfect nil. No success, no failure. No advantage, no threat. No triumph, no despair.”

“Uh… aren’t they a little tall for Jawas?”

“So it’s a gently used probe droid with a space heater…”

“Instead of all of these illegitimately conceived Jawas… ‘Oh, yes, I’m a pure-blooded Jawa…'”

“We need one of those… three of those… one more of those… We need that whole shelf – not what’s on it. Just the shelf.”

“We need an adorable Jawa sidekick.”

“Look at all those men flying to their death… I wish I could have ordered them to their deaths.”

“They sell something that could remove grease from an engine.”
“Could it remove carbon scoring from the side of a skiff?”

“You don’t have sludge canyonwise?”

“You buy a little of that degreaser that everybody’s… uh… drinking.”
“Top shelf degreaser.”

“Do you have anything better? I mean, look at these lines he welded. It’s like he didn’t even care.”

“I’m just going to wear my friend… and his scrotum…”
“Speaking of which…”

“So, everybody gets a night’s sleep, whether it’s good or fitful.”
“What’s the encumbrance on that?”

“Those Jawas are speaking in Hand Jive!”

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