Star Wars, 11/18

“We’d just killed all the bad guys.”
“I think you’d just found an ambush…”

“I request SQL. Just because it’ll be the second game…”

“I get to roll a minimum of 6 dice when I’m stealthing. FIND ME, MOTHERFUCKERS.”

“Do you want to take one of the first slots, to be on the defense or get out of the way?”
“Or do you just want to be shot in the back?”

“Does that mean someone might know my name?”

“He has two eyes. Then he has three eyes.”
“I think the guy BEHIND him has three eyes.”

“Did the Wookiee tear someone’s arms off?”
“No, but the Rodian is now missing a head.”

“That’s not giving up! That’s getting shot in the back!”

“You look like you were skinned and a Wookiee is wearing you.”

“Because Wookiees are scary. Especially ones that phase in and out of existence.”

“That’s weird… lasers are supposed to cauterize.”
“It did! You can use that guy as a straw.”

“Never mind! Smartasses paying attention to what’s going on…”

“That’s why the phrase is human shield and not Bothan shield.”

“Because it didn’t make sense for him to make arrangements to get rid of my obsession.”

“Wait, we let the captain out of the closet?”

“I think we’ve all had enough involuntary injections from the doctor…”

“He IS moving the important pieces! Those are my tools!”
“They’re all rusty!”
“YES! I’ve been on an isolated planet for 27 years!”

“You had a 21 year supply of WD-40 on your ship?”
“Have you SEEN how anal I am?”

“Are you asking for advice on how to be a mechanic?”
“No, I’ma sking about the dice.”

“I figured out how Sarah’s Wookiee is so stealthy. She’s actually a couple of Ewoks stacked on top of each other…”

“Which end of the truncheon are you investigating with?”

“Oh, I thought you were maybe just herding them…”

“You mean this strange box is not a stormtrooper? I was… prying his head off…”

“It’s like I’m looking at a really blurry mirror!”

“I was securing the premises…”
“Inside the box?”

“That is the Yammy-est thing I’ve heard you say.”

“If I were going to name it, I’d name it… Rodian.”

“I’ve got it. The perfect name: Legitimate Cargo Vessel.”

“So it’s semi-secret Santa.”
“So it’s delayed reveal.”

“Nude group text.”
“Nope. I’m out.”
“We all signed a pants charter.”

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