Call of Cthulhu, 12/28

“I do feel like there’s a point at which the crazy will exceed my ability to role-play it.”

“We’ve finally reached one of the great cities.”

“To be honest, we were having a discussion whether to leave you behind, and you walked away. So we followed.”

“Must have been some kind of gas in the mine that is affecting this primitive biology.”

“Apparently, if we ring a bell, they will return to their rote behaviors. So if we’re worried about them wandering off, all we have to do is find a bell and ring it…”

“And what Egyptian word is this?”

“I look for stairs.”
“You don’t need them. The pantry takes you from the first floor kitchen to the second floor library.”

“I wish my character knew the phrase ‘non-Euclidean,’ because that perfectly describes what you guys have found.”

“Are you getting any of this?”
“I’m on the front porch, eating a jam sandwich and drinking a mug of tea. Feeling exististential despair, like a real Brit.”

“Bear in crane stance!”

“Hard Sanity.”
“That’s right. Sanity is hard.”

“Are you going to write fog down on your list of scary things?”

“It has scraps of human clothing.”
“Was that on the positive or negative side of the equation?”

“Is it big in here, or is it just me?”

“I’m having an allergic reaction.”
“That’s a common defense reaction.”

“You’re going to die of old age a million years ago.”
“No one should die of old age in their own time.”

“It’s locked.”
“That’s unusual.”
“That’s not a problem.”

“…And you are just barely able to make out the face of Elias Jackson.”
“Jackson Elias.”

“If I push it, I could kill her.”
“It’s not like this party hasn’t done that before.”

“I haven’t killed anybody… in this game…”

“You recalibrate…”
“That’s right. Tinier organs.”

“You told me to sew them together!”
“That was the theory part!”

“Did everyone just leave me with my finger in the girl?”

“So who’s Cowlick?”
“That’s not how we refer to the great scientist Kalek.”

“Your finger is in the girl, and your other hand is under the table, and your arm is going.”
“I’m petting the dog!”

“Watch it, or I’ll remove my finger from the girl.”
“That’s not what she said.”

“Well, she called for me.”
“And there were gunshots.”

“Where’s Stanley’s finger? Was it not serving an important purpose?”

“She’s holding a smoking revolver, just like everyone else.”
“I have a boomerang.”

“Trying to find towels so I can find a gun.”

“Am I in a mine cart?!”

“Why would there be a towel?”
“Because we were in the delusion long enough that I started to believe it.”

“I hired you in a mine?”

“You hired me to guide you.”
“I’d just like to say, you’re doing a terrible job.”

“Did we find the mine?”
“Good. Your payment will be remitted when we get out of here. Now, lead the way.”

“I have been swimming in tetanus.”

“The gardeners stole the jam!”
“I wouldn’t say they stole it. They just made me a sandwich.”

“What do I roll?”
“The dice.”

“I don’t think going back into the mine is a good idea. I can lead us.”
“Can you?”

“Uh… this is… I don’t know if I can pronounce this, but I’m going to have a good time trying.”

“We have exited the wrong hole.”

“And I’m really starting to wonder if I’m being paid enough for this…”
“You’re not.”

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