Call of Cthulhu, 1/11

“If you’re talking about the contract for the house, the only one is for pants.”

“I’m just imagining Cheryl at Jack in the Box asking them not to lick her toes, because that run-on sentence…”

“I guess we should eat them.”
“No. That’s not why we buy them”

“Amorous, belligerent drunk didn’t stop him, but Mormon…”

“I could give him a warning shot.”
“No! You don’t start social interactions by shooting at someone!”

“I believe it’s a mid-size sedan.”
“You’re a mid-size sedan.”

“I’m pretty sure Pete could beat me up, but I know I can run faster than Jason with his gamy leg.”
“Yeah, but I know where you live.”

“What I’m saying is, ‘aliens.'”
“We didn’t realize he had the ‘fro until just now.”

“Oh. Boomerang.”
“Yes. War boomerang.”
“I thought you said net of meringue.”

“I’m in the wrong game to try and talk people out of things.”
“It’s not the wrong game – it’s the wrong encounter.”

“Look, he doesn’t run from her camera, but he’s running from this one. I don’t know WHY he’s running from this one, but…”
“That’s because, like these cultists, he’s badshit fucking crazy.”

[In discussion of cameras]
“That’s why I prefer Quicksilver – because the Flash steals your soul.”

“You could infinitely approach your luck, but you can never get there.”

“On top of all that, I’m now in the open.”
“No, there’s a fireball between you and them…”

“I’m well-versed on these primitive devices.”
“Why do I have a bad feeling about this?”
“I feel like I’m going to get a bullet to the back of the head.”
“I feel like we’re all going to get bullets to the back of the head…”

“This one just says, ‘These are the skills, this is what they can do, this is what you’re going to sit back and laugh about when they do…'”

“But I’m actually going to dodge instead of doing all of that.”

“There’s no such thing as being out of charming range.”

“Who has the lower luck between the two of you?”
“She does.” [She didn’t.]

“You should roll Persuade on the GM.”

“You said everyone that was looking at Stanley, and I am not looking at myself…”

“I just impaled my Cthulhu Mythos!”
“Did you want to?”
“Not really, but I did!”

“When we’re attacked, the rocks nearby the people who attacked us are going to regret it.”

“He has an academic interest in human physiology.”
“And an interest in acupuncture.”

“And that’s why we don’t trust extradimensional beings.”

“There’s a bond forming here that I don’t…”

“You’re trying so hard to not be a distraction that you’re being a distraction. Good job.”

“Should we send in the stealth team?”
“Stealth team?”
“Okay, stealth Constance.”

“We could send Constance in – ”
“Constance isn’t going in by herself.”
“I could go with her. I think I have the second best stealth – ”
“Constance isn’t going in by herself.”

“You didn’t taste it, did you?”
“He did. I saw it.”

“To be fair, I’m not going to be surprised if Paris is at the bottom of this pit.”

“‘Alone with the pharaohs,’ is the best way I can think to describe it.”
“No, I don’t like that.”

“Stop doing that. First you agree with him, then you agree with him…”

“That’s a good point. I forgot all about them as soon as we said to grab them.”

“You don’t huddle around the generator for warmth.”

“Yeah, you’ve obviously slowed down the handout generation.”
“Of all the things I’ve been blamed for today, that’s the most benign.”

“That figures. Of course the Freudian psychologist is the necromancer.”
“He just wants to raise his mother…”

“I’m gonna start shooting, because I’m sorry, guys – your way has failed.”
“I did ten points of damage!”

“Ah, I see what it is. You guys are using the ancient and venerable art of slap-stick…”

“Keep your fleshy appendages away from me.”

“That’s right. It shoots them, takes a picture, and loads it to Instagram.”
“Look, I just killed a guy!”

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