Call of Cthulhu, 1/18

“So what you need to do is trade the baby for a Versa.”

“I refrained from one whole round from shooting, and I was the last PC to go!”

“Wait, we’re not supposed to use our tongues while giving back rubs?”
“Foot massages yes, back rubs no.”

“Is that plan getting better if I make that trade?”
“Ehhh… I’d call it a lateral move.”

“Oh, like not having the Vickers has stopped me from shooting things.”

“Please. Do not use the machine gun as a club. Please.”

“Shut up. I started with ‘surely’ and changed direction pretty quickly.”

“I know what an accent sounds like, and what Jason was doing wasn’t one.”

“Let’s just say he got three words into it and backed out.”

“So it’s got non-Euclidean alphabetics?”

“I’m gonna take a picture anyway.”
“With which camera?”
“I’m gonna take a picture – BANG!”

“He loves me! I’m like Hildy’s best friend!”
“Are we playing the same game?”

“Has a purple helmet.”
“Sometimes wears a raincoat.”
“OH! I get it! It’s a penis joke!”

“Huh. I haven’t actually seen this one happen before…”

“‘What limb did you lose?’ ‘My spine…’”

“Are you screaming in English or French?”
“I think I’m screaming in vowel sounds.”

“That’s a horrible idea!”
“We’d have to find water before we swim away!”

“I don’t know how you expect jazz hands to save us in this situation.”

“Well, good for him. Maybe if he can’t hear us, he won’t keep trying to talk to us.”

“Also, we have learned that Guy cannot hear us.”
“I was only telling him the important stuff.”

“Let’s get closer, in case it’s going to explode.”

“Your teleporter has been hacked. Click this button to scan for viruses. Would you like your relatives to be assembled?”

“Because of all the shit we’ve been through, the last thing we need to die of is a gas leak.”

“They’ve gotten past Necromancy 101: proper use of a shovel.”

“Layout of the city. Like, store all the massive polyp-killing weapons in building 4?”

“I failed to French mouth you.”
“I told you he loved me.”

“I’m assuming he can read English, here.”
“Oh. I was going to write it in German.”

“I think he’s learned sarcasm. I’m so proud.”
“It’s easier than French.”

“They’re having a slow jazz rave.”

“It’s not so much that I’m deaf as it is that I can’t hear over the screaming in my head.”

“Oh, and a ‘safe distance’ would be Belize. I’ve mapped it out. That’s where we would be safe from this horror – not to say there wouldn’t be another horror there, but we’d be safe from this horror.”

“They all look like shit.”
“Okay, but is there a less shitty one?”

“I have decided to transition from cradling my gun like a teddy bear to holding my gun at the ready.”

“I know it’s unusual for me to show caring for you, but I don’t want to lose you. Send the Frenchman.”

“Ooh, I’ll be aiming over Guy’s central shoulder.”

“It’s hell’s jawbreaker.”

“Meat? You started with meat? That was your go-to?”

“Am I the only one that’s worried that this is an egg?”
“Well, I am now.”

“The moment you turn on the flashlight, you realize you’re not alone.”
“Turn it off.”

“Shockingly, I failed.”
“Yeah, with an 8 sanity…”

“Amnesia. You’re not going to remember any of what’s about to happen.”
“That’s ok. I took pictures.”

“When you return to your senses, everything but your treasured object is gone.”
“Wait a minute. We’re belted together.”
“And you’re not gonna remember any of this…”

“A new mania. All right! Can it be Wrestle?”

“I have good news and bad news. You have a horrible phobia, but it’s only going to last about three days.”

“Well, you know, he tackled me to try and help me with my panic attack, I’m going to try to help him with his.”
“With a sucker-punch?”

“No, there’s no provision for knocking out a Great Old One.”

“You just gave Nyarlathotep a gun.”
“He was reaching for me and I said nope.”

“That depends on whether you’re asking Hildebrand or Kacey. Because Hildebrand would have felt bad.”

“Even your American accent is terrible!”

“I think it’s a camera, so I can use the Photography skill on it, right?”

“Has a thing hat?! That’s your go-to?”

“Ending the night hiding in a building. This seems somehow familiar.”

“Can you just not wait to play a character that hides in the dark and cries? Then this is the game for you! You might get to kill the other characters, too!”

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