Call of Cthulhu, 2/15

“I think that was my favorite character with this group.”
“Yeah, that was the one I disliked the least.”

“Mmm, I love the potsticker-crouton pizza!”

“He was actually Guy all along, but you guys weren’t prepared to like him for a week.”
“We weren’t prepared to like Guy for a week.”

“Do you want Library Use: Yith? Because by god, I have that.”

“I think he wrote his own crazy book.”
“I believe the technical word for that is manifesto.”

“I’m thinking in a Call of Cthulhu game, the advice of Twisted Sister is more appropriate.”
“We’re not gonna take it?”

“That’s all this is. It’s a multi-year investigation searching for jam.”

“He drew the electrical diagram in mustard on the bologna?”

“Didn’t someone get sent somewhen else the last time we opened a fridge?”

“I heard someone else.”
“No, he went somewhen else. It would be hilarious if he went someone else.”
“Well, he did!”

“Are we still calling him Xiao? I guess those are Xiao’s fingers still…”

“The beastmaster, master of beasts?”
“That is a well-rounded character concept!”

“Lizardman luchador?! That’s not what you texted me!”

“So lizardman luchador is the only one you lied to me on.”

“Did you take a picture of the list?”
“Because it’s written in fish?”

“I sniff at my gun, because usually I’m the one that shoots first…”
“Pristine gun oil, sir.”

“I think being pedantic at this point is probably not benefitting anyone.”

“It doesn’t kill you, but it’s unpleasant as fuck to touch this door.”
“Open the other doors!”

“You come downstairs to find Hildebrand setting the curtains on fire.”
“Well, that’s Australia, then.”

“I think I’ve looked this up before, but there’s not an arson skill in this game, is there?”

“Why are we running?”
“Because it’s going to explode.”
“Good answer.”

“This may be my most successful fire yet!”

“There are three crates of TNT. Are we far enough away?”
“That’s a no.”

“Is there a word for ‘better than twice your score’?”

“If you had a specific hairstyle, it will probably recover eventually.”

“For the first time, I’m following Guy’s lead.”
“That’s not true. You push me through doors first all the time.”
“That’s different.”

“What? ‘Pancreas is made of soot’ is what I heard!”

“I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to stop running until I get to France.”

“When is the last time you succeeded at a sanity roll, Pete?”
“With this character?”

“Maybe they’re cannibalistic.”
“I’m hoping they’re like moths and attracted to the fire!”

“I’d just like to point out that if I’d suggested that, I’d be a monster.”
“You would have just shot them.”

“The device is interrupted by a comfortable leather day bed.”
“Well, everything makes sense now.”

“I’m getting more weirded out. Let’s just take the couch and go.”

“Now, I was electrocuted earlier. Is this a similar sensation…?”

“You are about to not be size 85.”

“You can feel it psychically sorting through your brain. Do you care to defend yourself?”

“What happens when you reach 0 sanity?”
“Well, Guy just turned off…”

“They’re out to get you.”
“I already knew this.”
“They’re actively out to get you.”
“He’s not wrong.”

“The giant cone of biological matter got an impale. So it’s got ya.”

“I’ve never heard Dale say, ‘tarnation.'”
“You will, if I survive this.”

“I used a device to come back from the end of the universe. This is the being that I switched consciousness with. Um. Friends, I have a confession: I am not Chinese.”

“Can you do anything about him?”
“I am sorry. It was brittle and infirm. The communication device broke it.”

“He’s made an enemy of an ally.”
“That’s the nicest thing he’s ever said about me.”

“But we need to neutralize him – ”
“That’s not a good word to use.”
” – Before he does further damage to himself. Or you. Or just further damage.”

“You have consipired against me, against France, against humanity!”
“I will accept France.”

“And he is deathly, deathly afraid of something called a wind attack.”
“A fart monster?”

“Do you have any, you know, primitive lifeform repair kits?”

“If we were using that particular calendar…”
“The year is R7-Ping.”

“You hear a blurt of sound, and it translates into your brain as, ‘Ow, you little fuck.'”

“The one like you, the one inside the Chinaman, the German, the Englishman, the two women – one of them isn’t so bad – the Kouri, and Dale.”

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