Call of Cthluhu, 3/29

“It’s like a playpen for your food.”

“It is a pleasant trip. The sea does not try to eat you.”

“After all the dry, I don’t think there’s any such thing as too moist. Too moist would be drowning.”

“First I have to see if I’m lucky enough to get one of these tiny forks out of the box.”

“I didn’t purchase them outright; I rented them.”
“Right, so we should have sold them!”

“Do you need a thing that adds and removes writing?”

“But you woke up from it. Last dream I had, I woke up from it five times. That sucked.”

“You notice that the purser and staff seem unsettled.”
“…I make a note to start returning things.”

“No. Before you ask, no.”

“None of us ever died because of her piloting.”
“This is true.”

“Don’t lose a fork in there.”
“Yeah, because we can’t fork the fork out.”

“That’s what storms do in monsoon season! They jive, they juke, they throw lightning bolts right at your ship…”

“I wonder if they have any thought processes about the reality of air piracy…”

“We’re on a boat that’s going that way. It’s not like I’m getting off and going a different way…”

“The dolphins are bone-white.”
“That was normal, right?”
“Well, albinos occur in all species…”
“Especially in monsoon season.”

“I am afraid that if I go outside, I will end up not on the boat.”

“Can I have a listen roll from you?”
“You can. It won’t be successful…”

“You open the door, and fwoosh. Seawater.”
“Now you’re sober!”

“There were two stacks earlier.”
“Right. There are two stacks plus one.”

“No, I’m pretty sure there were three. Because if there were two, then there’s something inexplicable, and I’m not dealing with anything inexplicable today.”

“Nope! If the ship is changing on the inside, I am staying out here.”

“This ship seems positively titanic.”
“Nope. Four stacks.”

“And do the crew seem to be acting normally for people who work in hell and shovel coal…?”
“And who didn’t exist before?”

“Is there really something wrong with this ship when you need to go faster and it develops the machinery to do so?”

“We were just standing around, not helping.”
“We weren’t there to help.”
“We really weren’t.”

“I TOLD him I’m not crazy… on this!”

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