Call of Cthulhu, 4/5

“I know, but when two smokestacks becomes three smokestacks, and northwest becomes northeast, we have to ask…”

“I think Pete’s right – at least it’s not upside down.”
“How do you know it’s not upside down?”
“That’s how northwest became northeast!”

“After the impending heat death of the universe, I’m ok with being warm.”

“I don’t know! I feel like that’s something Hawver would have said if he was here.”

“I have a house.”
“You have a house?”
“Yes. I live here.”
“Ohhh. That’s what that means.”

“You are large and weak-willed. Let me point this box at you!”

“And be careful with that. It didn’t used to have matches in it, but it does now. You’re not allowed to play with them. Or run with scissors.”

“I probably shouldn’t be involved in this. Because if I’m involved in this, I would try to stop you.”

“I thought he said ‘mangy sons of forks.'”

“Ugh. What do I do about this?”
“Likely, yeah.”

“You have accrued a mob.”
“Not sure what happened. You learn Egyptian from one guy…”

“Oh my god. I’m glad I didn’t know any of this a month ago!”

“And I speak Egyptian at him regularly.”
“No, I’m being polite.”

“Currently, he does not speak in incomprehensible fish.”
“Well, he’s drugged up today…”

“After what happened earlier, it can’t be any more dangerous.”

“Arson is clearly listed on my list as plus $50.”

“I did my requisite arson; it just went above and beyond.”

“HA! Success! Through the magic of Yithian technology, I have learned enough Egyptian to gather a second angry mob!”

“That’s what I was thinking. The Star of Wal-Mart.”

“To be fair, our group has pathing like a drunk monkey.”
“That’s not fair to drunk monkeys!”

“I feel like we’re completely the wrong group of characters to be asking these questions. We’re all replacement characters…”

“I’m going to leave a terrible one-star review on Yelp.”
“You, sir, are doomed.”

“You are a son of a motherless fork.”

“Turns out, it’s right in the middle of this circle. Where your friends are.”
“What did you do, Ray?”

“I can understand why that’s a sore spot.”
“He’s had five years to get over it!”

“Or you could burn his shop down. I understand you’re good at that.”

“Pretty much everywhere in the city now.”
“We’re only unwelcome in two places in the city so far.”

“We sent a messenger to his house, and you weren’t there.”
“We sent a messenger to your hotel, but you weren’t there.”
“Anyone following our movements will be hopelessly confused!”

“Yep. Special place in hell for all of us. At least we can game together.”

“All of these are bad ideas.”

“If you remove their brain, what do you get?”
“Their brain.”
“That’s it?”
“Look, you asked for a comprehensive list of what I can get from peoples’ heads…”

“Are you saying the fidget toy is worse than a girl?”

“That’s what I’m trying to find out. I’d like to try and make a plan and not just go, ‘This guy is in the notes; let’s go terrorize him for a while.'”

“I was not even myself responsible for either of the angry mobs.”

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