Call of Cthulhu, 4/12

“It was mostly for D. He doesn’t know how to play a moron.”
“Have you…”
“Not paid attention to Bryan’s virtuoso performances?”

“‘I’m gonna summon a monster and hide behind it!’ ‘It’s a badger!’ ‘But it’s got a hit die!'”

“Every one of my games runs multiple years; you guys have gotta be getting tired of this.”
“It’s not just your games!”

“How does your count go to 51 and his count goes to 72?”
“Because he’s counting in roman numerals.”

“I think I was trying to avoid having extra large sessions. I think that’s why I avoided XL.”

“At this point today, I’ve had two good ideas – although that one was last week…”

“I am now for revenge.”
“Oh! I thought you were still our guide!”

“You know, the locals call that the bat pyramid.”
“Why are you against my dynamite plan again?”

“It’s either a 16, a 10, or Jason wrote on my sheet.”

“I’m copying all of my notes into new URLs, because that’s the kind of obsessive person I am.”

“We’re going to procure a vehicle.”
“Procure implies something other than buying…”

“We could see how many accents we can get at the table.”
“We’ve done that before, and it went terribly.”

“Everyone notices.”
“That’s a first.”
“That is a first.”

“Yes, but we can’t blow up this pyramid from outside. We don’t have enough dynamite.”

“I’d just like to point out that Napoleon shot a cannon at the Sphinx and only blew off its nose.”
“It’s not my fault he had sucky ammo.”

“Stage one: official channels. Stage two: I’m very charming. Stage three: cover of darkness.”

“I’m practically a prince in Australia.”
“So your Credit Rating is 4?”
“It’s 5.”

“Now he sounds like he told us all this up front, and now he’s going to follow along behind us and make sure we don’t fuck up.”

“‘How deep is the hole?’ ‘Australia.'”

“As that eyebrow twitches.”
“Yay dice games…”

“It’s not a grenade belt; it’s a flask belt.”

“‘The real Egypt’?”
“It’s in the notes.”
“They’re crazy.”

“Do they look the size that you could hide a giant ape behind?”
“They look the size that you could hide a giant ape inside, if they were hollow.”

“We don’t know that that’s what it said! Our interpreter broke his face – leg. He broke his leg.”

“There are six lights.”
“There are five!”

“Holy crap. It’s like we were given all the information we needed!”

“…Comprehensible to sane human astronomers.”
“I only have one of those.”

“Though I will say, your string of failure at facts is… intense.”

“It’s like a snuggle missile!”

“About 18 voices order you to halt.”
“How many of them are French? Because I’m not listening to those fuckers.”

“Nope, nope, nope.”
“Fuck that shit, I’m out.”
“I would be, but the entrance has turned to stone.”

“I’d like to buttle. I’d like to buttle to get my sanity back… like, now…”

“This is not going to end well…”
“Well, it started badly, and it went bad in the middle… I’m not sure how it could end well.”

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