Call of Cthulhu, 4/26

“What are you?”

“When I say pics or it didn’t happen, I meant the conception.”

“Good, because if we had a map, it would have to be written in French or – ”
“I have Egyptian!”
“Drink orders, or…”

“Okay, the Citadel of Saladin is about five… thousand miles northwest of Sydney.”

“He utterly failed his French roll. So what came out was…”

“Well, there’s a lot of lattitude in the range of ‘naughtiness.'”

“Ask him why they didn’t shoot him in the head with a shotgun.”
“I don’t believe shotguns had been invented yet in the Fourth Dynasty.”

“The teacher will keep babbling on about ancient history until you’re all as old as him.”

“Is there anything you know that might connect this mosque to Nyarlathotep?”
“She said be blunt. I was blunt.”

“Next time, don’t be that blunt! Be a blunter blunt. Or a sharper blunt.”

“Oh, good. You taught him something.”

“My friends are looking for the black pharaoh, but unknown to them, I AM the black pharaoh! Since I am him, what should I keep from them?”

“That’s because you’re dirt poor.”
“You think he has dirt?”
“It’s borrowed dirt.”

“Oh, good. I don’t have to talk. Hildy, you’re up.”

“What is the girdle?”
“Well, it’s a lady’s undergarment…”

“And you get the feeling that ‘aid’ does not mean your monkey hatchet and shotgun.”
“Yeah, I know.”
“He means the Vickars and explosives…”

“Well, he could tell us that anyway.”
“The problem is, Zahadi wouldn’t know.”

“We didn’t annoy two people enough to get a third person to come.”

“I’m playing the part of John tonight, apparently.”

“Street of untrustworthy Frenchmen?”

“Surprisingly, I haven’t decided he’s unwanted yet.”

“The French embassy is never wrong. As we’ve been told by the French.”
“We’re never wrooooooooonnnnnnnggggg…”

“I listen for a crash. Or the fall of a wine glass. Or a silent French fart.”

“You know, if you wait until the 1970s to play Call of Cthulhu, they’re all wearing track suits. Red and black track suits.”

“That’s my new heraldry: a Shoggoth rampant.”

“We went through this before. I know what you’re thinking, and we went through exactly what you’re thinking right now. It’s not a lot of blood. We don’t have to kill anyone.”

“Are you missing your girdle?”
“She wasn’t wearing one.”
“Well, of course not. Not in a simple shift.”

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