Call of Cthulhu, 5/10

“But it’s not as bad as the guy that turned into eels.”

“You know what? If you’re going to break into a place, at least have the courtesy to do it from above ground or not with magic.”

“We have a wide variety of doom-like possibilities.”

“Because I’m going to assume he’s acting with purpose – ”
“That I know what I’m doing?”
“I know it’s a bad assumption…”

“Do I have a weird, creepy, there’s someone standing behind me feeling in my gut, or do I have a weird, creepy, there’s something wrong with that mirror feeling?”

“Were we supposed to protect the people in here? I don’t remember why we’re here. I wasn’t paying attention. I was reading a ritual.”

“Does leper vomit smell different from regular vomit…?”

“We need to help them! We need to administer first and possibly second aid.”
“Among the many aids…”

“Before I start administering any number of aids to these people, are they wearing cultist garb?”

“Wait a minute. Did you just – did you just go through all of that, with the fake numbers and made-up numbers… just to say that the formula was wrong?!”

“Oh, there it is! Custom Skill. It was under C… for Custom…”

“If you find a bunch of 7s in your cat’s feet work, you’ve probably made up data.”

“There was a puddle of bubbly goo.”
“Was that an 11 year old girl?”
“No, I think it was an old man with a scimitar…”

“So you’ve got two, two and a half seconds to regret your life choices.”

“Did you see that? He was protecting his sanity.”

“Don’t know why you pointed at me for two deaths; I was only responsible for one.”

“I’m going to give a statement in Egyptian.”
“They ask that you stop, and that you speak in English.”

“I was just passing by.”
“And why were you there?”
“I was visiting my friends in the market.”
“And you, madam?”
“I was on a stake-out.”

“Is it an African or European rock?”

“What? I’ve seen how mini terrain is made. So I have to assume that all fantasy planets are made of styrofoam and balsawood.”

“It was the dog.”
“Oddly enough, it was stupidity. I decided to look at my fingernails and just… let go.”

“I don’t think we want to damage his sanity further.”
“Well… yes, she does.”

“And if you happen to be down there guarding it, you get to fight a Cthonian!”
“And we’d die.”
“You might!”

“That’s a kind of earthworm, right?”

“So if you’re a planet, you can dodge, right?”

“Yeah, I’m gonna say that if you orbit the sun, you’re part of the solar system.”
“I choose not to.”

“The math becomes extraordinarily difficult if you’re the center of the universe.”

“So we should stop him so we don’t get the job of striking his name from all existence.”
“Yeah, that’s a way harder job.”

“Which fire are we referring to? There have been a lot of fwoomps.”

“Our adversaries turn into bugs and eels. Who are you going to hire to go with you?”
“Stupid people!”

“So what you’re saying is that during the ritual, you hold them crossed in front of your body, and Hildebrand shoots you in the back of the head.”

“There’s a lot of people we could have saved if we’d known what the hell we were doing.”

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