Call of Cthulhu, 5/17

“I should never be Plan A. I. SHOULD. NEVER. BE. PLAN. A.”

“You don’t understand. I’m literally going to die tonight unless I can siphon your essence. …That came out dirtier than I intended.”

“There probably isn’t alcohol on the train.”
“That’s not a problem for me.”

“We could just bring a winch.”
“They’re called women and they have *rights*!”

“You must be a PC now.”
“Yes! I have finally achieved PC status.”

“Tea and biscuits!”
“We can only get things in pairs!”

“Never mind, he’s not there.”
“But if he was, he would be super-unhappy.”

“‘Young William von Huge Villian’?”

“Besides, you’re in the South. You get a honkie battery.”

“You should stay here.”
“It’s dangerous. And we have no Wookies to send with you.”

“It was sheer luck.”
“We don’t have any of that.”
“Speak for yourself.”
“I was speaking for me and Darryl, actually.”

“If anything exciting happens, throw Stanley at it and hope he lives. I’ll be right back.”

“Well, I didn’t want to endanger the sandwiches down in the pit.”
“The last thing you want is mythos-infused sandwiches.”

“The sun has just risen over the horizon, gouging into your vision.”
“‘Pretty… sunrise…'”

“Darryl has volunteered to be Tom Cruise.”

“When you can’t figure out how to fit in a pun, just yell stuff out!”

“Well, if one’s a girdle…”
“The other two are probably a bra and stockings.”

“The thigh-highs of Neticris!”

“Man, those ancient Egyptians took their furries seriously.”

“Encounters with strange entities: twerking mummies…”

“Yes, that’s what those little mini-fridges are for: losing things in the strands of time.”

“Speaking of hard to understand: Bryan.”

“Are you going to eat all of that?”
“I know many recipes…”

“I know where Kacey’s going with this, and Kevin’s going, ‘That’s not in the book.'”

“Is he applying from a Victorian boarding house?”

“Well, as long as this is the failure side of the table… I’m in.”

“We found six cots. I stole one of them. That’s why I was fired; I stole one of them.”

“What’s the worst thing that happens – we learn even less? We’re currently learning nothing.”

“It means more than it sounds like, but not by much.”

“Did he just mutter squiggly-headed eagle?”

“Well, maybe in the future, we’ll have him go back in the past and write it down twice.”

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