Call of Cthulhu, 5/24

“It’s only a problem if he goes full Riff Raff.”
“You never go full Riff Raff.”

“I’m okay with doing this! It doesn’t bother me!”

“I’m willing to be Stanley, but I need Bryan to say it’s okay.”

“I didn’t even start this. I was just here when it happened.”

“But she’s Ancient Egyptian and he studdies Ancient Egypt.”

“If the cats don’t follow us, we buy a dog. If they do follow us, we don’t.”

“We’re not buying a mongoose.”
“I did not sign onto this plan.”

“It just suggests places you can put the cats to annoy and persecute the PCs.”
“Okay, I’m not sad anymore.”

“Cat! Bring forth your woman!”

“Did you just try to Fast Talk the cats?”
“No, I tried to speak in Egyptian. I rolled a 100.”

“And you said we weren’t meeting the role-playing standards…”

“I’ve missed you guys.”
“He always seems to say that with tears in his eyes…”
“Well, there’s this thing called Stockholm Syndrome…”

“Wait, he’s not an alien anymore?”
“I AM Chinese.”

“How did you train those cats to follow you?”
“I have a fish in my pocket.”

“How badass is he?”
“So badass, you’ll throw your spinner to the ground.”

“He’s probably closer to home than any of the rest of us.”
“Um. My home is 4 miles that way.”

“That’s the failure side of the table – we’ve previously established this.”

“You came back for the right episode, didn’t you?”

“Do you want to see what happens?”
“Yes, I kinda do.”
“You really don’t.”

“We could have a baker’s jihad of cats, which is one more than you need.”

“Less surprising on a scale of ‘holy shit, that’s surprising’ is still pretty surprising.”

“He chose to walk the crazy path.”
“He did follow the five of us into a dark tunnel with a bunch of cats.”

“Is it going to catch on fire?”
“He’s never met Hildebrand, so his evaluation of that may not be accurate.”
“All chances are good.”

“Five times ‘sweet Jesus’ is a strange kind of math, here.”

“Definitely not at saggy goat teats, which could happen later.”
“Yeah, let’s not…”

“Bob, this is Bast.”
“No, Bast.”

“That brings my Mythos up to 9.”
“That makes mine 49.”

“That makes your max sanity… 50?”
“What a perfectly balanced character.”
“Oh, it gets better: my luck is 49.”

“The next one… ‘Bring for the faceless master of sand.'”

“‘Call forth the lord of the riverbank’… and the dance.”

“Who had ‘never’?”
“I did.”
“Well, you’ll probably win. But the bad thing is, nobody will be around to pay you.”

“I’m starting the German nihilism movement early.”

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