Call of Cthulhu, 5/31

“What’s the DC equivalent of giant octopus logo?”

“He has spent a lot of time and energy getting that kneecap fixed. Go for the other one.”

“I’m against that plan. That plan took a steep left turn that I’m not comfortable with.”

“You’re carrying a 14 foot ladder around all the time?”
“No, no I’m not.”
“You’re carrying it.”

“I’m carrying a truck? That’s not fair!”

“It was the alien that drove last time! I wasn’t even in control!”

“You ask for keys and there was thunder. That’s not ominous.”

“You can go on without me. It’s not like I’m doing anything except wreck the truck.”
“Hey, I helped.”

“He was referring to the tea kit.”
“That’s not in the full kit. That’s in the minimal kit.”

“You can bring barbed wire into the desert, but not tea?”

“We have guns, we have explosives, we have charm and pick-pocketing. I think we’re good.”

“There’s ways that would be really, really bad, but I still rolled a 98.”

“Ask this guard to go to Algeria with me so we can speak French. That’s how it works, right? Take the NPC to another country, and they speak the language…”

“Roll me to the other side of the car, please. I need cover.”

“And you guys thought Australia was bad.”
“To be fair, it’s still in the lead.”

“We met the entire pantheon of Elder Gods in Australia. We have a long way to go until it’s that bad.”

“You’ve made it onto chart B!”

“I succeed on a roll, and it’s *that one*.”

“What, I don’t want to steal all the sex books?”
“No, you want to steal all the books and have sex with them.”

“Let this be a warning to you: do not look into the box. When the abyss turns its beady eyestalks towards you, don’t look back.”

“I have decided I no longer want to know what’s going on over there.”

“Oh, no. Someone was wise enough to suggest I buy hand grenades.”

“That’s going to be a great story to tell the grandkids. ‘How did you meet?’ ‘I shot him.'”
“‘The first time.'”
“‘I shoot him again every anniversary.'”

“Why is your cat ordering drinks in Egyptian?”
“Because he’s hungry!”
“Duh. Cat-a-tonic!”

“You even render in fish, Jason.”

“But you get to keep your axe AND your fingers!”

“The shot goes in, and there’s a moment of uncertainty… then there’s a vaguely jackal-shaped column of fire.”
“Does that count for Africa, or do we need to find a building?”

“What about my skills on setting undead jackals on fire?”
“I am impressed.”

“You don’t have to believe it. I just need you to not giggle.”

“…Not necessarily interested in them for archaeological purposes, but for… recreational purposes.”
“Recreational mummies?”

“If you’re going to steal things, remind me to teach you how.”

“One could make that assumption.”
“One already has.”

“One has already played through half this damned book.”

“Alas, the scrolls were completely legible. We read them, then we burned them.”

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