Call of Cthulhu, 6/7

“‘Don’t use any weapons on it, they don’t have any effect.'”
“Never have I been so glad to be wrong.”
“‘Don’t let him have a flare gun, he’ll set everything on fire…'”

“He was surprisingly unsurprised by Bryan’s book theft…”

“I hate to bring this up…”
“But he is, in fact, stealing things just now. I don’t know if this is an issue in YOUR expedition…”

“I don’t know what to do if I have a character with the skills on the page for what I want to do.”

“Good lord. How many of Hawver’s character sheets do you have over here?”
“All of them.”
“That’s good.”

“Do you need a writing utensil?”
“That’s a straw.”

“Except there’s not evidence that they left the spots where they were standing.”
“There’s no evidence that they stayed in the spots where they were standing, either.”
“Look, he can do this for hours.”

“There is a small ice box I’d like you to see… Stanley, remind me how long you were in there?”

“It’s not a human language.”
“It’s my people’s language!”

“Nailed. Impaled.”

“According to this book, nobody would have looked in the box. Because they assume that anybody that has read the story knows not to look in the fucking box.”

“And he bows, only partially concealing that he hands you the piece of paper.”
“What does it say?”
“‘She’s my aunt.'”

“The book that I watched you steal and told you that I needed to teach you to be a better thief?”
“How dare… [laughter] I can’t.”

“I have seen four year olds steal better.”
“It was for the mission!”
“Next time, leave the stealing to the person that knows how to do it.”

“Did you notice you had some uselses things?”
“I noticed I have a lot of useless things. It’s a series of poor design decisions stacked one on top of the other.”

“Statistically, I did just as good as you did – I just found nothing.”

“Venomous sand?”

“She said everyone has to hold hands, so I’ve tried to make her slightly uncomfortable with my hands…”

“Open a can of worms; don’t look at the worms, Kevin.”

“There is that tiny problem in New York. Well, not tiny…”
“That shoggoth has got to be huge by now.”

“Ahh, I used to have a useful character.”

“Unfortunately, before you get the answer to the question, you’re both out like a light.”
“Before I even get the question…”

“Xhang, always the last to know.”

“One of them is smart. And then there’s Xhang.”

“I do not understand what is wrong with him.”
“Neither do we.”
“He has… several conditions.”

“I think we’d already decided that. As soon as I found out he was the son of a Member of Parliament.”

“It was in a locked box, so I didn’t take it.”
“That’s never stopped you before…”
“I’m waiting until the last day we’re here.”

“If you dig up any snakes today, please do let me know.”
“If I dig up any snakes, you will hear the gunfire. Possibly other things, but there will be gunfire.”

“If you dig up any extradimensional snakes today, please do let me know.”

“Been there for five thousand years, you’ve been there one day…”

“Do you want to chance it, Bryan? I’ll let you decide.”

“You’re just going to have to take the whole arm.”

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