Call of Cthulhu, 7/12

“He’s a member of the P-Funk All-stars.”
“The what?”

“Or he has a really solid poker face and he’s trying not to react.”
“Mmmm… nope.”

“And decided that maybe she wasn’t as crazy as we thought.”
“Well, let’s not go that far.”

“Now, if it’s a plant-based snake, I might have a chance.”

“Are you sure this time?”
“I’m positive. I checked my character sheet this time.’

“Oh, he’s from the Village?”
“He’s one of the People?”
“Yeah, I’m the firefighter!”

“Were you here the day we shot that guard?”
“We’ve shot a lot of people.”

“Oh my god. I’ve made so many bad decisions already.”

“Do you want knife wounds? Because this is how you get knife wounds.”

“Did he stab you?”
“Well, yes, but he didn’t attack me. It was more medicinal than that.”

“You can’t drive to America.”
“Not with that attitude, you can’t.”

“So… are there two sets of restraints or just one?”

“The best part of Australia was not London.”
“Mmmmmmm… it kinda was.”

“So now you have two unconscious men in a secluded tent.”
“Don’t look at me! I steal shit!”

“The sun never sets on the Empire.”
“That’s because we keep picking places that are fucking hot!”

“You don’t think there was any chance your friend was just… papercut?”

“She’s a medium, so she just opens herself up and lets other people do the thinking.”

“See how easily that flows? Can we just stop being pedantic?”

“So… who am I?”
“That’s a valid question.”

“I am neither Chinese nor dangerous.”
“Mummies would disagree.”
“Mummies don’t get a vote.”
“Mummies and fire safety experts would disagree.”

“Smelling salts would be the preferred method instead of assaulting me in the face!”

“Because once you were unconscious, you weren’t – ”
“Perfectly reasonable and doing what I was supposed to do?”

“Whew. It’s an Earth camera… it’s an Earth camera…”

“He hears kidnapping, I say put him in a better position.”

“No, I think we’ve pretty much got the market cornered on doing things wrong.”

“Because you don’t go to a knife fight with nothing…”
“But you do go to a knife fight with chloroform.”

“But my companions do have a regrettable fondness for chloroform.”

“You guys are talking about the SCALPEL. That’s not a knife!”

“We wanted you to remain persuasive by not being burdened with unnecessary facts.”

“Would you want to help us? We’re super trustworthy peeeeople…”

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