Call of Cthulhu, 7/26

“Why him?”
“The last time I did it to a random guy, it incited a mob.”

“It’s like in this circle…”
“He is not.”

“It’s the icon of conjunctivitis!”
“Wash your hands!”

“He’s thinking about shooting you with a shotgun.”
“Can’t say I blame him.”

“You have the phantom hug from the other side.”

“Okay, what are you thinking?”
“The Yith city.”
“That we blew up?”

“Are there any stop-gap places we could go to?”
“Is Antarctica closer?”
“I guess?”

“And I will take you as well.”
“…So that you can be with her.”
“Solid point there.”
“Not that I think you’re crazy.”

“I think I’m going to hand him a bunch of coins.”
“You’re going to hand him the whole damned bag.”

“I’m willing to work for a discount for my 35%. It’s unlikely I’m going to botch it.”

“He seems mystified by your thanking him as you go off to save the world.”
“Well, try to. I hate to over-promise…”

“This is why we can’t have nice things.”
“We had friends…”

“Gardner and Sprecht are now both… mmm… batshit fucking loco.”
“Thanks, Xhang.”
“That turned out mostly as I intended.”

“That’s because Winfield is in fact the last archaeologist.”
“We have whittled down the numbers…”

“I am well versed in… standing back.”

“Sounds like an old Western episode: ‘Shenanigans at the Well.'”

“Doctor Ulrich?”
“Does this smell like chloroform to you?”
“No, it’s ether.”

“You haven’t gotten your heiroglyphics merit badge yet.”

“It’s a good thing you saw the Yith city, or you would be locking me up with James and the screamer.”
“It did cross my mind.”

“It seemed like a good idea at the time.”
“It seemed like a terrible idea, but I did it anyway.”

“Two thousand years ago, some Egyptian guy wrote, ‘I prepared explosive runes today.'”

“I’m afraid to ask this, but would Mythos be of use here?”
“It might. It might indeed.”

“As you start to look around, you think… And I’ll get back to you.”

“Drawings shouldn’t have a mouth-feel to them.”

“Why does this art taste so bad?”

“So you all come up from the dig, YOU switch back on.”
“…Did I lose time again?”

“And there’s a corpse.”
“…Are you sure?”

“Is it still 3:37? It’s an incredibly important question, and I’m not sure why I’m asking it.”

“I’m going to try. I’m probably going to short out and walk right back out, but I’m going to try.”

“Follow the wheelchair tracks.”
“They go in. They go out. They go in…”
“They reach 88 miles an hour…”

“You’ve drawn wonderfully cryptic pictures. It could be writing, but it could just be wonderfully cryptic pictures.”

“I’m going to fast talk this bread into rising!”

“Maybe he’ll try your bread.”
“We should not let that happen.”

“Standard success.”
“Let’s guess from the sound I made how I rolled.”

“…Nothing good comes from drifting clouds in this game.”

“I’m gonna pinch him really hard.”
“Okay, so you’re awake.”

“And dynamite doesn’t do that. And nitro doesn’t do that.”
“There were carvings.”
“And words don’t do that.”

“Or we could succeed at something and get some sanity back for completing part of the mission.”
“That happened once.”

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