Call of Cthulhu, 8/9

“In the nearly abandoned dig.”
“It’s our dig now!”

“I’m not so sure I want to take the back door into the Sphynx.”

“We should probably deliver that one.”
“After we re-seal the envelope.”

“Fortunately, I took exactly four notes that session.”

“I didn’t want any important objects to go. Cash? Who cares. Take an extra $12 and go.”

“We’ll know it’s not Ulrich when he can’t speak 7 percent French.”

“I build an Enigma machine.”
“Except it’s powered by biological electricity!”

“Look, when a joke is 4000 years old, you can’t spoil it.”

“Stop or I’ll steal your brain with this language machine!”

“Maybe you should have sucked cryptology out of his brain.”
“It’s not too late!”

“I’m going to help her pack her belongings, in a very nosy fashion.”

“He hasn’t learned anything. I’ve seen his rolls.”

“And you end up setting the entire landscape on fire, a fire you cannot control.”
“So it’s not really a nightmare.”

“You should stop. You really should. I hate to do this, but I’m going to give you a metaphor.”

“But you know how all of this stuff I inherited works!”
“So does Herbert.”
“…Are you feeling all right?”

“It seems unlikely to transport you to ancient Egypt and rot your brains.”

“‘I think he’s a witch.’ ‘Why?’ ‘He’s sinking. The first couple of times, he was floating, but now he just sinks.'”

“What worst idea have I had than this?”

“You did come back with a lot of blood on you.”
“To be fair, it wasn’t mine.”

“Okay, let’s just back up… what did you do?”

“Aw! Pilot dirigible!”
“I know! Do you know what I want to buy before we go to Africa?”

“Does your driving directions let you put in when you’re going to be driving?”
“Put in 1925.”

“We should probably put her in the same place we put the other two people.”
“In the ground?”

“He got away from us and just LEFT. He’s the smartest person on the planet – he got rid of us and ran off shouting, ‘I’m freeeeeeee.'”

“Let’s go to the market and find you a young man. Just pick one out!”

“Served what?”
“Not tea.”

“Crazy old bat woman.”
“Not that kind of bat woman.”
“I am the night!”

“I didn’t do it.”
“We don’t think you did it. Otherwise, you would have been arrested, not received a summons.”
“I thought you were being civil.”

“Did we… just leave the body in the medical tent and walk away?”

“I like how this has become a collective attempt at lying.”

“You probably never needed them. They were just someone you gave money for charity to.”
“You give money to charities?”

“We left her with you. We should be questioning you.”

“I have a receipt that you signed where you took her!”

“Well, when they take the gag off, he starts screaming. But it’s only been a few days since someone surgically removed part of his brain.”

“That’s our best option, really. Somebody cast ‘raise ghouls’ as soon as the authorities get there.”

“Again, day trip. We’re just going to check the insane person out of the insane person library for a day…”

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