Call of Cthulhu, 8/16

“If we were in South America, we could order from Amazon!”

“If it comes to that, we’re going back to London. Not the one under Australia.”

“This is where it got weird, because I was here and then I wasn’t.”
“THIS is where it got weird?”

“Time is more like a metaphor, then?”
“It may be for you.”

“I don’t believe the back door is public space… You have to tickle its chin.”

“What would you say to a lover’s spat?”
“We are not lovers, sir.”

“To be fair, we’ve had some fairly sophisticated explosions.”

“…Why are you here?”
“Why do I trust you?”
“Wait, we trust him?”

“Do you believe he knows what chloroform smells like?”

“Tryst bus.”
“That’s a whole other kind of bus.”

“Only I’m not driving.”
“We can arrange that. We have more chloroform.”

“How are we going to be stealthy if you keep getting your name put on buildings?”
“Oh, I don’t put my name on buildings. I’m not allowed to. I have a fake name for that.”

“Why would he write that all down?”
*from two ends of the table* “Because he was dictating.”

“I cannot help it if you won’t go to the clerics. Not my problem.”

“He was tired of horses breaking the mood, so he invented a horseless carriage just to show them.”

“If I’m carrying the fricking tools, I’m going to use the fricking tools.”

“Do you want me to say the words while you’re touching it?”
“That sounds like a great idea… That sounds like a TERRIBLE IDEA.”

“My 89 seems way less bad, now.”

“I don’t know if I would trust a raccoon with my money.”

“What sort of art form do you want to fear later?”

“I didn’t come from the end of time just to die in a hole in the ground.”

“You know what the best part is? Your character doesn’t know how bad a shot I am.”

“But brass knuckles against a cat god doesn’t seem… smart.”

“She attempts to dodge by essentially putting her eye up to the hole of the shotgun. ‘What’s in there, I wonder?'”

“Remember when I failed the listen roll earlier? It’s because I have permanent tinnitus.”

“He’s in a better place now.”
“I don’t think so.”
“And now he will no longer complain about his leg.”

“If only you had a dirigible and the ability to see through sand.”

“Do you need a flare?”
“I need an adult!”

“Wait, didn’t you say don’t split the party? YOU said don’t split the party.”
“And then both of your characters left the party.”

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