Call of Cthulhu, 8/23

“Well, just call up a crossroads demon and sell your soul.”
“How do you think I got here in the first place?”

“You know, we don’t know that guy at all. We could just move on. And I’ve got all his clothes.”

“Because there’s nothing I can do to stop a bunch of crocodile men with a pair of brass knuckles and my boxers.”

“Quietly, or like you mean it?”

“That would be bifurcated.”
“That depends on how many pieces he’s been separated into.”

“We should find another entrance.”
“We should find grenades.”

“How have those worked out for you so far?”
“For me personally? Not so bad. For other people standing nearby…”

“I used to have a 70% throw, but unfortunately that’s the person wandering around here pretending to wear my skin.”

“Flaming grapes?”
“No. Flaming rape.”

“Is it painful wailing? Is it orca whaling?”

“You’re ‘helping,’ aren’t you. I recognize the sound of ‘helping.'”

“I’m going to haul ass and be the ass.”

“Yeah, I have a wide-brimmed hat, too. Unfortunately, it’s white.”

“I will hit him with a stick.”
“Which one?”
“The one I’m using to stand up.”

“I’d like to get in the way.”
“She called it first – I’m out.”

“I will dodge this knife by getting it in the bullet hole. That will work. Yeah.”

“I came back from the future to die in a hole in the ground.”
“You specifically said you did not.”
“Apparently I was wrong.”

“At least you died in your own body. Or at least one of you did.”

“We’re lost without you.”
“We have his mind transfer box!”

“Did you bring him here to get rid of him?

“You want me to leave your friend here?”
“Only half of him was my friend.”

“Okay, well, the sane people wanted me to bring him.”
“No, he has a point.”

“It was dangerous in the hands of someone that kind of knew how to use it. In the hands of someone that doesn’t at all know how to use it, it’s only going to get worse.”

“I’ll just be really paranoid around Shakti and assume it’s because of something that happened in the dream. Or maybe because I’m paranoid.”

“He actually has a furry white cat in his lap that he strokes occasionally.”
“Shoot him.”

“Okay, then Psychology would be hard.”
“Psychology is hard.”

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