Call of Cthulhu, 9/13

“I believe where we come from, we call those guides.”
“Oh. No. Don’t be our guide.”
“That ended poorly for the last one.”

“I feel like I should rescue him.”
“The hotel staffer?”

“My best guess is ‘Tuesday hot rod.'”
“It’s ‘fresh seafood.'”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you. You are an ass.”

“We’re on a photo-graphical… photographical… a photo expedition.”

“It was in all the newspapers.”
“It was in all the newspaper.”
“It was in every newspaper we picked up off of the stack!”

“Unless you were up to something I don’t know about.”
“Probably, but not.”

“It’s not cannibalism if they volunteer.”

“Ironically, he may be as drunk as you are.”

“I do stop for lunch. All that talk of cannibalism, I got hungry.”

“Uh huh. You just wish there was fish to read this time.”

“To be fair, I thought he meant one of your cannibals, which didn’t make any sense.”
“I thought he meant journalists.”

“Really? Your notes are bad?”

“Am I hearing ‘book it’?”
“Stumble rapidly.”
“Walk nonchalantly, but with purpose.”

“So the two Ks are pronounced totally differently?”
“Those assholes.”

“We were much more focused on the running rules in those days. We hadn’t yet found the rules about fire.”

“Wow. Reading the notes. Who knew, in an investigation game, that reading the notes would be important.”

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