Call of Cthulhu, 10/4

“I believe we have a finite amount of time to solve this, so if he puts us back into the past… Let him do it.”

“There may be a downside we’re not considering.”

“We can’t make a plan without information.”

“You’re preparing yourself for the final battle against the Dark Gods…”
“And we’ve arrived with a rubber chicken and two forks?”

“Are you agreeing with me or proving my point?”

“We’re only ahead of ourselves if the calendars get out of sync again.”

“How to run away…”
“How to cope when the guy you just killed turns into a bag of eels…”
“I didn’t cope. I noped.”

“Do you mind bringing beer on this adventure? It’s less flammable.”

“Against the wall you were facing as you came down, there’s a roughly carved statue…”
“Here it comes.”

“The writer assumes you’re getting it wrong. It’s hilarious how wrong the writers assume you’re getting it.”

“I’m not coming up with a reason to not set it on fire…”

“I’m neither confirming nor denying that this axe is useful.”

“Next time you set a place on fire, let me know beforehand so I can build up a tab!”

“If the place burns down, so does my tab!”

“The two of you are going to gain 13 points of mythos as you spend the next seven hours in violent hallucinations of the outer planes.”

“And I think that’s where we stop, because the rest of this is going to be…”

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