Call of Cthulhu, 10/10

“So there was a little fire.”
“Yes! There was a little fire.”

“And I’m off follow the proprietor of the former shop.”

“That’s right, I got some respect for you now!”

“I am not equipped to do this. I am an incendiary waiting to happen.”

“Not you! Our guide, not our drunk!”
“I know this city as well as he does! I know where all the cheap bars are!”

“You just gained a chunk of respect from me, and now you’re just shave… shave… shave…”

“Have you ever seen someone vomit out their own liver? It was not a pleasant experience.”

“I chose to help people and put out the fire, and that was a worse life choice.”
“I started the fire…”

“So you combine poor life choices with masterful dice rolling…”

“We’re not just doing this out of order to confuse everybody?”
“I’m not.”
“I am…”

“This is not the strangest place we’ve found a piece of London, so just go with it.”

“Firing a shotgun at someone, and then throwing the shotgun at them in anger… is that rude?”

“I got a fifteen. That’s pretty close to one…”

“Just try not to kill anyone.”
“I try. Every day. Every single day.”

“The bills in South Africa are extremely cheap, especially when you’re a maggot farmer.”
“…Good to know.”
“No. No it’s not.”

“If you’re gonna knock, you do it from the front door, not their broken skylight!”
“That’s the best way to tell them their skylight is broken!”
“Quiet skylights are for sneaking in!”

“I was completely prepared to botch that completely and Benny Hill my way down onto the table.”
“We were waiting for that too.”

“‘I burned down a whole city block, but I’m gonna pay for this teacup!'”

“Where’s the telegraph office?”
“Please don’t tell anyone about our antics.”

“Look, a fire trap can be one of two things: a trap made of fire or an extremely flammable thing.”

“Doctor… Carpenter… They’re almost the same. They both involve cutting things apart and putting them back together.”

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