Call of Cthulhu, 11/8

“To be fair, a slide is the equivalent of infinity buttons.”
“That’s why they can’t do what I’m asking them to do. It’s infinity buttons.”

“I did have 53 rounds of elephant gun ammunition.”
“That’s it?”
“And you said he was prepared.”

“It’s the second book I’ve ever read. So odds are, given my lifestyle, it’s the last book I’ll ever read.”

“We set him on fire.”
“No… not on purpose.”

“Look, there have been three fires since you all arrived here, and I’m having trouble keeping track of which one is which.”
“The one that backfired.”

“If you don’t mind, what were you doing in Browntown where the fire happened?”
“Working on his tan?”

“I’m not sure if I want to have done this, but I’ve impaled my Mythos skill.”

“As far as this group is concerned, it doesn’t have a lock – but it has a lock.”

“Uh, you didn’t wander off. When you heard someone barreling into the bar, you left.”
“Wandered off… left… whatever.”

“The problem I’m having right now is that the best way to sneak into a military outpost is to cause a giant distraction, but the only distraction I can come up with is to set a fire, and I think maybe I’ve set enough fires in this town.”

“Since when is necromancy a drug? I mean, it’s a fun way to spend the afternoon…”

“Is smelling bad a form of communication?”
“I was reading a 40k book today. There were some weird things.”

“His Majesty’s only given me so much shot, and I need more.”
“What caliber do you use?”

“‘Let’s follow the batshit crazy guy to the cultists. Don’t worry, the drunk guy knows the spell.'”

“Buying new friends with ammo.”
“Yeah, but I thought we might buy new friends with money, too.”

“That’s why I took it! I wanted the frontal lobe. I mean, some other schmuck out there has a lobotomized dollar.”

“It’s because I’m here. I’m a natural fire retardant.”
“Which is surprising, because of the alcohol.”

“They kind of went through Nairobi to death… or to the Black Mountain, whichever sounds better.”

“So next time we start a campaign, order the dirigible first, THEN go world-hopping.”

“You did say uniform; you didn’t happen to say what kind. This one happens to be schoolgirl.”

“He’s a bit of a loose cannon, rolling around the deck of our ship.”

“This bar has everyhing I need.”
“Gutters have everything you need.”
“No… gutters don’t have bartenders.”

“Through some manner of magic, he’s managed to procure a meeting at half ten tomorrow morning.”
“That’s fantastic. He’ll be asleep for it, then.”

“This is where we’re going to put the brakes on this monstrosity…”

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