Call of Cthulhu, 11/29

“Yeah, but if he was gonna be offended by me, he could smell me at the door.”

“Dude was mentioned all the way back in New York City? And we just noticed? We are on top of our game.”

“Ugh, I’m going to have to look up my notes for a character that’s unconscious and in another city…”

“He’s looking at you like you performed a specific act on a very small chicken.”

“And since he’s not bringing it up and we’re not bringing it up, and the conversation is going way off the rails.”

“That’s how you get toasts: body count.”

“I rationalized taking the money as a cover story, not because it’s *money.*”

“Oh, god. It’s been three hours and she’s still blowing the whistle…”

“We’re going as fast as we can, with the loss of steam from the whistle.”


“Where was your comma there? Was that ‘check that bitch,’ or was that ‘check that, bitch?'”

“If you’re going to be assisting with defending our associate, please be properly armed.”

“Is it advisable to transport an unconscious person across a rioting city?”
“No. That’s why we’re going to make sure we can get to the train…”

“There’s still the remains of the last person, who was apparently not as cautious as you.”

“I’m more running up to witness what’s going on.”

“Yeah, she’s a fine red mist.”
“Yeah, thank you for lining up that shot for me…”

“I will go into the bathroom at the train station and lock the door.”
“Which bathroom?”

“I am someone I chose in Cairo as, ‘that’s who I want to be,’ and is not someone in this town, so I don’t run across a guy that sees himself and thinks, ‘that’s me, I’m going to shoot me.'”

“You should be able to tell how long you’ve been out by whether your bodily fluids have dried yet…”

“Just give me a number here… followed by a unit.”

“Maybe there’s a cannibal that flosses?”

“I was gonna let the teeth thing go, man, but those shoes…”

“I am, in fact, your friend Ibano.”
“Yes, I know you never bothered to learn my name.”

“This is a quiet conversation between two sneaky adults, okay?”

“And they’re super-unreliable. I mean, we left the city to the NPCs, and it went to hell in 15 hours.”

“No, I gave the gun to the sane guy. HE gave the gun to the crazy guy.”

“Well, at least they can’t commit murder-suicide.”

“Does this ledger smell like chloroform to – no, I’m mixing my metaphors.”

only address in the ledger in Nairobi is Tandoor Singh

“We have… like… 11% of a plan.”
“It’s more like 7% of a plan.”

“I have mythomania and a very high fast talk, so it’s very unlikely that anything I say is true.”

“And it’s not ours, is it?”
“No. Hence the word ‘commandeered.'”
“It’s not like that’s stopped us before.”

“Oh. I wasn’t saying we should take his blood because he’s innocent. I just figured we could use it later.”

“Surely there has to be, like, a sidebar that says how to tell if their blood is pure.”

“How are we going to carry the blood without the baby?”
“In a jar!”

“You can tell how well the party is progressing, because the actions of the current party would make the original party have to make a sanity check.”

“This keeps getting worse and more hilarious…”

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