Call of Cthulhu, 12/6

“Technically, I could see two more episodes, if everybody…”
“Have you met us?”

“He was Nyarlathotep all along!”
“That is word for word what I was about to say.”

“Break his face!”
“It’s only made of porcelain – hit it with a stick!”

“Our track record at bring things back that we’ve borrowed is… not good.”
“That’s just a justification to practice!”

“I think that stealing horses would be among the minor crimes being committed in this town.”

“I think you’re asking the wrong people about keys.”

“As you exit the perimeter… driving in the city is kind of difficult, thanks to debris, people, horrible cannibals… monsters…”

“Clearly, it’s the rare Kenyan burrowing goat.”
“Let’s say that if it was a gopher, it would be about the size of a child.”

“The last children I saw, I shot.”
“You’re a terrible nanny!”

“So they’re burrowing children.”
“I’ve been to the beach; I’ve seen this happen.”

“I made my pun roll.”

“So with a 10% mechanical repair, I’ll most likely set myself on fire.”
“Yes, but it will be spectacular.”

“So how many animal heads were on the walls?”
“Think man cave gone wrong?”

“I’m just keeping the whiskey safe… inside me…”

“I have to make one stop and then I’m ready to go.”
“What’s the stop?”
“Liqour cabinet.”

“I have my whiskey in one hand and my rifle in the other; what can go wrong?”
“…I’d rather you had two hands on the rifle.”

“Nope, no mines here!”
“Because plugging your ears made all the difference?”
“Well, it’s going to be loud.”

“It’s only a hundred yards out.”
“So we’re driving? That’s a long way.”

“Sticking the gun in the hole, with the shotgun right behind.”

“You notice how there are only two members of the original party left?”

“African burrowing goats? Pretty sure you guys made that up.”

“Why is that goat wearing pants?”
“He’s wearing cloth diapers, because if you’re keeping a goat in your house, regular diapers aren’t environmentally sound.”

“A solid combination: dynamite, fire, a shovel, guns, and booze.”

“Great, I’m the only one awake upstairs.”
“There’s Silent Joe!”
“You’ll be the first person he’ll tell if something goes wrong.”

“Oh, no. This is a conversation that doesn’t even occur to me until after they leave.”

“So how do you know that?”
“So, when I was in Burma…”
“Oh, wait. I forgot that you don’t ask that.”

“Can you see them? I ask the chameleon, because that’s my life.”

“Yes, wondering if that’s yes or no or ‘I don’t speak Swahili, idiot.'”

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