Call of Cthulhu, 12/20

“I stack some staples on the door…”
“No, no, those are too small. At least use nails.”

“I will go upstairs to make sure that the guy ignoring everything else to read the book – ”
” – In the middle of the hallway – ”
” – In the middle of the hallway doesn’t have a knife in his back.”

“I will look for open doors… partially closed doors… something that says ‘I’m a monster and snuck in here and didn’t politely close the doors.'”

“You know, it’s in really bad condition, but at least you have a copy of the Necronomicon.”

“Stupid hunting lodge.”
“Yeah, you know, now that you think about it, there is that one rhinoceros head…”

“Do you speak Arabic? From you time with the pirates or whatever?”
“I’ve experienced Arabic…”
“Was it a good experience? Would you care to relive it?”

“It may just be an otherworldly thing that just wants to give us a book, in which case we should read it. If it’s a monster, then it could be a trap.”

“And I’ve gone cross-eyed.”
“I’m going to build a Mythos flowchart. It’ll be amazing.”

[After a long, winding discussion of whether we should read the tattered, dirty book]
“So we should definitely drink the iocaine powder.”

“…This has ceased to be funny.”

“I’m actually more looking forward to running away from the countryside full of monsters…”

“They’re right below the window.”
“But they’re not in the car.”
“…You’re an idiot.”

“The way I see it, we have three options: set the house on fire, go back to sleep, or freak out like the boys.”
“I could go for a cup of tea…”

“It has been my experience that demon dogs and creepy fucking children – neither of them are here to protect us.”

“Why do they hide the words inside the sanity roll?”

“You have a fear of large things.”
“Oh, that won’t come back to bite me later.”

“Uh, we had decided not to burn this place down because we were inside it.”
“It’s daylight. We don’t have to be inside it.”

“Burn this motherfucker down. If I have learned anything from studying this group, it’s that that’s the answer.”

“So, we are…?”
“Making more bad decisions.”

“We seem to be in surprising agreement.”
“We all wrote down the same list.”

“It’s not on fire?”
“Yeah, we just got here.”

“I will bolster his argument with a Thompson submachine gun.”

“So how about we not aim the guns until after he fails.”

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