Call of Cthulhu, 1/17

“That is not how I present myself to a tree.”

“Someone comes walking at me out of a tree, and I will hand them my card. I’m not a person to judge where someone lives.”

“I remember us saying let’s wrap this up real quick, and apparently…”
“That was the key to you shutting off for the evening?”

“I’m going to the edge of the edge of the bad decision-making.”

“This is the interception of confused.”

“Just running, not screaming.”

“It already is!”

“On the bright side, this counts as combat, so it won’t take long to wear off.”

“Alice, violence is the only answer.”
“Isn’t that the one you always get?”
“It’s her go-to insanity.”

“I don’t like the tree. I’m gonna go kill the tree.”

“What’s the plan, ma’am?”
“I’m going to kill the tree.”
“I think it’s dead, ma’am. It hasn’t grown a single leaf.”
“Then it will burn nicely.”

“I want to be the best me I can be.”
“So… sober?”
“I believe the best me I can be is half-drunk.”

“Are we off the desecrated ground, making a camp?”
“Why? There’s a campfire burning in the middle.”
“Actually, the tree burned out really quickly.”

“The best I can do is, ‘No, I can still see you. No, I can still see you.'”
“You don’t look like a tree… no, even if you hold your arms out.”

“So what are you all going to do?”
“Shoot them.”
“Keep walking.”
“Wait to see if I should shoot them.”
“Make occasional attempts to convince him to go back.”
“So… the usual, then.”

“I am extorting them to victory.”

“Nice victory you got here. Be a shame if something happened to it.”

“How do you feel about walking all the way around the blighted land now?”

“You no longer participate in combat – you just stand around and shout at people?”

“You want to help?”
“I’m not done shooting things.”

“This is now mine. It’s been in my guts.”

“It’s not a competition to see who can fail it the most.”

“I take it reverently.”
“It’s wet and furry.”
“That’s okay.”

“Hilariously, the witch doctor has drawn all over her face. Hilariously, the witch doctor has drawn all over his face.”
“So… are we talking dicks and dots?”

“How big is it?”
“About the size of an opened chipmunk.”

“I poke it with my foot. Because that’s what I do.”
“Until we start calling you stumpy.”

“Wait, primate gorillas or military guerillas?”
“They were white.”

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