Call of Cthulhu, 1/24

“To be fair, I never cared if I could read my notes.”

“Doesn’t the book have instructions?!”
“Look, I’ve spent half this game with spells that I don’t know what they do…”

“The hole is big enough.”
“But not too big.”

“Wait, wait – am I going to die in a hole again?!”

“Sam, Nails, two truckloads… is a truckload twelve?”

“This is the most complex casting of a spell in Call of Cthulhu.”
“No, we can make it more complex…”
“Well, there is a drunkard in charge.”

5 pts of power

“I smell like an inverted chipmunk.”
“And an unwashed alcoholic.”

“They’ve not just seen things – they’ve been things.”

“We only got 4 sanity for saving 53 children? Baloney! Children are worth more than that!”
“You can get more than that on the black market!”

“So my two great fears are that I will open the cage too early or I will open the cage too late.”
“So open the cage at the right time.”

“So are we heading off to kill the pregnant woman?”
“Yep. Let’s do it.”
“I’ve never killed a god before.”
“Especially not one in utero.”

“So the drunken man has no problem [climbing the mountain]…”

“I… found an incision. I don’t have another word for it.”

“Step one: lose your sanity in a Call of Cthulhu adventure. Step two: write a Call of Cthulhu adventure.”

“…I think I can hear how bad it smells.”

“On the opposite wall, you see a fifteen foot tall – ”
“I already don’t like it.”
” – Tentacular – ”
“It’s a ladder, isn’t it?”

“Oh good, another fanged maw. Oh, wait, that last one was a gaping maw.”

“Seeing his friend slowly gunned down, he dodges.”

“Take in the loving detail!”
“They wrote actual good words in here! I want to try to use them.”

“Uhh… I have an Enfield slung over my shoulder and a shot… cup… in my hand. I have a drink with a narcotic chaser.”

“Oh, I didn’t figure that the people we brought with us were morons. We’re the morons.”

“No, I like the fact that you’re in English yelling ‘kill that one in Swahili.'”

“It happens even to the bad guys.”
“That’s because it’s my shotgun.”

“She starts to something in Swahili, but whatever it was, we’ll never know.”

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