Call of Cthulhu, 1/31

“All right, let’s fuck this up. Because I have realistic expectations.”

“I can try to talk the lady into not giving birth…”

“Spend the luck!”
“That would put me at 5.”
“It wouldn’t be the lowest…”

“I have no skill for this and my dice hate me, so…”

“I’ve still got more hit points than luck or sanity, so I’ve got that going for me.”

“All I have to say is, we know who’s winning this game, and it’s the dice.”

“Those are my high dice.”
“Why did you give them to me?”
“Because they could not possibly be worse than what yours were rolling.”

“Cackling is now optional.”

“It’s like a reverse nesting doll!”

“How big is it?”
“It is three feet by three feet by seven feet.”
“Okay, so ignore my suggestion to swallow it.”

“Are there any armed cultists?”
“All of them! Well, all but one – we saw that arm go flying.”

“Only one of us is eating cultists for size and power.”
“Speak for yourself!”

“Do you think Hue breathes fire?”
“I don’t know. You can ask her.”
“She’s your dragon!”

“I turned the wheel to the opposite side from Nyarlathotep and said, ‘That one.'”
“Probably would have been a good idea to specify something that isn’t angry at humans.”
“Yep. But I’m crazy.”

“Was that a good idea?”
“I can’t imagine.”

“Every one of us ended up insane or dead.”
“Isn’t that where we’re going?”

“I can shoot the fingers coming out of the wall. Maybe I’ll give it a hangnail.”

“Bereft of the energy to keep it in the world, Nyarlathotep departs your world.”
“Did you expect that to happen?”
“No. No I did not.”

“Never let it be said that Shahdara-Phan isn’t polite.”

“Technically, you’re going to be the next villain.”

“They just keep… freaking… dodging. It’s like you’re not firing ammo anymore. You’re firing hate.”

“Congratulations. There were survivors.”

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