About the Characters

This is a selective list, as some of these characters’ names have been lost to time…

Masks of Nyarlathotep

  • Sir Arthur Primrose, the Earl of Midlothian
  • Dale Weatherly, bootlegger
  • Hildebrand, valet to the Earl
  • Veronica Sinclair, stable mistress to the Earl
  • Herbert Danbury, accountant
  • Alice Pierpont, dilettante
  • Eldridge Patterson, journalist
  • Constance, thief, cook to the Earl, and the Earl’s illegitimate daughter
  • Dr. Anders Wellsley, a doctor from Miskatonic U
  • Minh, a Chinese woman
  • Stanley Allambee, an Aborigine
  • Ulrich Wagner, an archaeologist
  • Cho Xhang, a Chinese man who may or may not be inhabited by an alien
  • Cornelius Freeman, a Southern gentleman

Beyond the Rim

  • Exile, a Gank negotiator
  • Chalkazza, a Wookiee assassin
  • Sion, a Duros pilot
  • Dr. Zebarin, a Gand doctor
  • Jad, a Rodian technician
  • Obis, a Rodian bodyguard
  • Callidus, a Bothan Force-sensitive
  • Haze, a human mercenary
  • Veterial, a human negotiator
  • Garrett Beschel, a human technician

Midnight Heist

  • Archibald Faustius, formerly a resident of a Russian madhouse
  • Caitlyn O’Gowan, a 17th-century Irish exile and former pirate
  • Shamus O’Gowan, a former werewolf
  • Duane Floyd Gosset Jr.
  • Mary Ruth Ferguson, a former librarian
  • Ronald Jameson, a former big game hunter
  • John Maddox, a former gunslinger
  • Art Bradstreet III, a former one-hit wonder

Skull and Shackles

  • Nizzitti, a goblin monk
  • Sam Blackleaf, a half-elf summoner, and his shark-dog pet Hunter
  • Gill, also known as Gilbert R. Fishman, a fish-man fighter
  • Yevheniy Ljubomir Hrabetova Oleksandro, an axe-throwing human rogue
  • Mr. Blyds Jatu, a human witch
  • Gaeltas Blackleaf, an elf magus
  • Saucy Charlie Swift, a human bard
  • Mary T, a human anti-paladin
  • Kallisto, an alchemist “healer”
  • And an ever-growing assortment of other, short-lived characters brought in because sometimes we fail to do the smart thing…

The Left Head Doesn’t Know What The Right Head Is Doing

  • Thor
  • Havok
  • Daredevil
  • Nightcrawler
  • Gambit
  • The Vision
  • Ghost Rider
  • Deadpool

The Doom Pool podcast recording

  • Beast
  • Iron Man
  • The Thing
  • Wolverine
  • Spider-Man

Kingmaker: Speerspitze

  • Andros Gherig, paladin and king
  • Char Barron, cavalier and general
  • Arkady, alchemist
  • Feng Tseng Lao, monk and assassin
  • Johanna Maritheris, rogue and spymaster spymistress
  • Gregor, mage

Carrion Crown

  • Blink Berenwicket, paladin of Cayden Cailean, and her intrepid pony Merlot
  • Thorfin Thundergust, summoner, and his golem Fister
  • Romano, Oracle of Pharasma, and a whole host of ghosts that only he can see and hear…

The Nine Foot Man & Seven Went Up the Mountain

  • Jack Strange, ghost hunter!
  • Otto, officer of the RCMP, and his intrepid dog Kahn
  • Steve West, cowboy – later affectionately dubbed ‘Steve West, horse fister’…
  • Ernest Rappaport, dilettante – and leader of the dubious country of Rappaportopia, situated some inches below Canadian soil…
  • Dr. Cygnus, scientist – he’s not mad, he just gets these terrible headaches
  • Bart, wielder of knives – and he’s got the worst luck with women…