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Inspired by a brief discussion with the former GM of Take 2.

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Just recently, I had a character try to find Brand out in shadow by simply willing their Logrus tendrils to search him out and bring her to him. However, she chose very specific instructions to ensure she was getting the real Brand. This meant, the filaments had to go shadow by shadow seeking a person that matched brand’s description AND had the blood of Amber. After several fruitless hours, she started to realize how slow a process this could be (searching infinite shadows for a specific item or person can take an infinite amount of time). She got the picture and changed her tactics. Searching shadow via Pattern is the same, otherwise it would have been a simple matter for Eric to relocate Corwin after the latter’s escape. Benedict would have been equally easy to find during his self-imposed exile to Avalon. Sure, a seeker could easily walk to a shadow where ‘a’ Benedict or Corwin was, but it is doubtful that it would turn out to be the ‘real’ Benedict or Corwin. The same holds true for specific items out in shadow.

-ChiefsFan, Amber Diceless RPG Yahoo!Group

OK, silly question.

How does this idea of “it’s hard to find someone in Shadow” work with the separate idea that the extended presence of an Amberite in a Shadow creates a sort of “sinkhole”?

And where did I get that latter idea anyway?

I have to admit that I love both ideas in equal measure. Hard to find someone specific, and easy to make mistakes. Easy to find the orbit of the Family, hard to nail down who and exactly where.

There are a lot of places Item and Creature Creation falls apart in the ADRPG, but there are a few key points that always stand out to me.

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