Inspired by a recent post on a forum I freqent.

There’s this subset of gamers that I always imagine are the ones that make “the customer is always right” the most painful policy to maintain.

These are the guys (and girls) that don’t seem to understand that creating any gaming material – books, miniatures, whatever – takes time and effort. These are the folks that post to forums of companies they like with things like “You don’t want my money!!” when an item they want is coming out in June, in one of two releases, and it’s mid-month and they haven’t seen it yet.

I won’t disagree that it’s important to let gaming companies know you enjoy their products. Yes, giving them money is nice, but in an industry that’s still – on the whole – built of small companies, it’s equally nice to get feedback.

Feedback does not entail being a whiny bitch when something you want isn’t out yet.

Feedback is “hey, I like this thing you do,” or “hey, I didn’t like this particular thing.”

Feedback should not involve melodrama or your sense of entitlement.

Sometimes, I wonder why I visit some of these forums…