Power Words always seemed to me to be the redheaded stepchild – if you will – of the other powers.

It’s as powerful as any other power (wtf, Wujick?) for a second or two.

It comes from the user and the user only.

It can’t be countered off the cuff, but it can be countered by any other power.

It has to be instant.

It’s… kind of crappy and ill-fitting, to tell the truth.

Look, I can see where the rationale for the power came from – I could probably quote you Corwin’s line, in fact – and I respect the fact that there is a rationale that comes from canon (which is more than can be said for some things in the ADRPG), but still. It’s basically cantrips from early D&D, or Harry Potter magic if you want to go with something more recent, and making it a separate power from sorcery and conjuration seems a bit silly. A separate level of power, I can see – but its own power? Really?

And advancement is “you learn another Word.” Right.

And I really, truly hate the sample words. Not what they do, but the samples of what the character might say. “NOGTZ!” “POLRZ!” Really? Really?! I’m all for encouraging RP, but – really?

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