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This is another re-post from the Lords of Gossamer and Shadow form.  The writer of the book made the mistake of asking what we thought was wrong with Sorcery…

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Shared Shadows

Reposting an answer here from the Lords of Gossamer and Shadow forums – the post I was replying to was regarding whether Earth and Avalon could be shared Shadows.

I have a hard time counting either one of those as shared Shadows.

I mean, to think mechanically – who put points into Shadow Earth? Eric, when he ditched Corwin there? He never really visited again. Flora, when she became Corwin’s warden? She seems to have spent a lot of time making sure her life was comfortable… Corwin himself? He didn’t even know for most of the time he spent there that he could claim a Shadow as his own. Random? He only visited from time to time. And much later – Merlin, who went to school there? Luke, who did likewise?

If you assume they all did – that’s 6 points worth of Shadow that nobody’s really doing much of anything with. If you assume it was only the ones that spent the most time there – that’s Flora and Corwin, so 2 points. Where’s the other point being spent? And is it reasonable for Corwin to pay points for something he doesn’t even know is his and didn’t exactly choose in the first place? It just seems to me that if it’s anyone’s, it’s Flora’s, and I’m hesitant to accept even that.

As for Avalon – you’re forgetting Benedict, too. But I think you already put the nail in this coffin: they’re visiting different versions, so I’m fairly comfortable in saying that that doesn’t count as a shared Shadow.

I could argue that the Keep of the Four Worlds was a shared Shadow, between first Jasra and Brand and later Jasra and Luke. I could also argue that the Shadow where Brand was kept might have been a shared one between Bleys and Fiona. But I can’t think of any other possible examples.

I kind of suspect what happened with the whole “shared Shadows” idea – and this is totally just a theory – is that some of the original playtesters asked “can we do this?” and Wujik said “sure.” :) I know that most of the folks I game with just don’t share Shadows…

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