by Sarah | October 11th, 2011

“Miss Scarlett.  She has an appointment with me.  I’m afraid I must take a terrible liberty in moving it up to fit my schedule.  Please be so good as to have her attend immediately.” Jerod says.  He then continues forward, not trying to deliberately bowl the man over, but neither does Jerod stop simply becaus the man is in his way.  Should the Gatekeeper decide to try to stop them, he will find any rumors he may have heard of Jerod’s strength to be quite factual when a vise-like grip clamps onto the man’s arm so that he can continue to accompany the new arrivals.

“This?  This is why people think you lot are crazy, arrogant, or whatever else.

“When I leave you alone with her so’s I can find the boy, don’t blame me if she humps your leg or something.”