by Sarah | July 31st, 2012

“I saw it start.” Robin confirms.
“When we got to the place Ash sent us, the atmosphere was tinder all around & people were skittish, so me and Raven didn’t go in. ‘Stead we took up positions out back to see what was flushed.”
“Two amorous drunks joined us shortly.  Just then, Kitten – flunky of interest – exits the nearby loo.  Raven asks one of the drunks a polite question and said drunk decides to threaten a uniformed captain of Xanadu’s navy.  There are more words and Kitten escalates to punching.  Drunk #1 goes down, drunk #2 starts screaming.  I shoot Kitten, (just a little bit – he’s fine) scoop him up and am back on the roof pretty darn quick.  Raven moves to comfort Drunk #2. That’s when we’re hit with a mob from inside the tavern.  They’re already well into torches-and-pitchforks mode , and all for attacking captain, my royal cousin.” she nods to Raven.
“Now our directive was ‘no bodies on the ground,’” Robin nods to Jerod,  “and especially not ours.”  She nods to the King.  “But since folks aren’t even a little inclined to talk, me and Raven exit the scene by the fastest, more torturous route we can find and eventually we lose ’em.”
Robin shrugs.  Humans and liquor, what can you say?

“Note to self: next time, don’t let the Ranger tell the story.  That ain’t got near enough wiggle room.”