by Sarah | August 20th, 2012

“You’ll find that I prefer to talk my way out of a fight if possible.” Jerod says.  “I have no desire to leave people
dead on the ground if I can avoid it, so if by words I can figure out a plan that will help to avoid that fate for some,
and still achieve my goals, I will do that.  I have little use for those who do not see the wisdom of that philosophy.”
and he smiles slightly as he adds,   “And…that no be a judgement on me part.” in an excellent dockside accent, for the

“As for whether or not I get my hands dirty, that depends solely on whether me getting dirty, as you call it, will be of
benefit to the situation.  If there are others who can perform the task and let me work on something else, then no…I
won’t be getting dirty.”

“Do you ever shut up?  Or d’you just keep on talking until other people give in just to make you stop?

“If the whole damn trip is like this, I swear to you, I will throw you off this damned boat as soon as we’re somewhere I can get home from.”